Coalition Calendar

The coalition calendar is used to coordinate activities between partner churches and members. Click an event for more information. To join a sidewalk event, simply contact the event organizer. Click the tags at the bottom of the calendar to hide certain event categories. To add your sidewalk ministry event, follow the directions below the calendar.

Adding Your Sidewalk Event

Put your sidewalk ministry on the calendar so others can join you or cover your location at a different time 


Click anywhere on the calendar to add a new event. In the Event Title, enter the church group or the name of the person organizing the event. Uncheck All Day Event and input the Start and End time. Enter and select the abortion clinic address in the Location field. Copy and paste the items below in the Description:

  • How many men or women are in your group? # men, # women / UNSURE

  • Do you have members in your group with more than three months of sidewalk ministry experience? YES / NO

  • Have the police been properly notified (if applicable)? YES / NO

  • Will you be recording your activities? YES / NO

For Choose a category, select your sidewalk ministry location. Leave the Venue dropdown blank and click the Organizer dropdown. Enter the organizer's name and phone number in the appropriate fields (email is optional). You also have the choice to enter your church website address, if your church is part of the Rescue the Innocent coalition. If you want your event to be recurring, please copy the event title and send it to, along with the recurring frequency (e.g. every week day, every month, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE: at this point, an event cannot be modified or deleted once it is created. If you need to cancel an event, create a new event next to the original one with the same title, preceded by "CANCELLED" (for example: "CANCELLED ABC Church Sidewalk Ministry"). Make sure the event organizer notifies anyone who was planning to join the event. If you rescheduled it for a different time, create a new event at the correct time.