Mother and Baby

How to Get Started

There are two ways to help abolish abortion in Silicon Valley by partnering with Rescue the Innocent: as an individual, or as a church.

For any questions on the steps below or how to get involved, please contact us at

As an Individual

Individual partners can participate with others in any (or all) of the four key ministry areas: sidewalk counseling, public engagement, political action, and prayer. 

  1. Start with prayer. Pray that God would fill your heart with compassion for the lost and the unborn (Mattew 9:36). Ask God to grant you with wisdom, grace, and strength as you move forward.

  2. Learn about abortionWatch "Is Abortion Wrong?" and read about abortion in California.

  3. Understand the alliance. Read Rescue the Innocent's Vision, Mission, & Value and Core Distinctives. All potential members must also read and affirm the Confessional Statement of The Gospel Coalition.

  4. Become a partner. First, create an account for the website. After you've created an account, click here to submit a request to join the alliance. Rescue the Innocent may contact your church to confirm your membership or attendance. Once you're approved, you will receive an email notification and be free to access the partner-only pages (such as the Calendar and Legal Guides).

  5. Prepare for sidewalk ministry. Read and watch the content on the Approach and Safety pages. Also read the Federal & State Legal Guide, as well as the Guide for your particular city (click the "Sidewalk Ministry" tab for a list of available cities).* For additional training, resources, and support, we recommend joining The End Abortion Now Coalition and completing their free online training courses. Check out the Resources page for other helpful links.

  6. Join a group on the sidewalk. Look at the alliance Calendar and find a group that goes to an abortion facility near you. Contact the point person to join their group on the sidewalk. You can begin by simply being present, holding a sign, or praying. Before you go, read the Legal Guide for the city you will be ministering in.

  7. Participate in prayer meetings and public engagement opportunities. The Calendar and the monthly newsletter will keep you updated on local prayer meetings, opportunities to engage the public on abortion, and ways to participate in political action. 

  8. Participate in the discussion forums. Use the Forum to connect with local partners in the alliance and share ministry insights, improvement ideas, encouragement, stories, and valuable information regarding local abortion facilities, new laws, or legislative opportunities.

  9. Invite others to participate. We believe in the power of Christians working together. Personally invite others to join you in abortion ministry. Pray for your church and discuss church partnership with your leaders (see the column to the right). Volunteer to be the Promoter in your church. If they have questions, would like to receive more information, or are interested in an in-person meeting, contact us at

*If there is no legal guide for your city, research the local laws and ordinances before beginning ministry. To help create a guide for your city, please share any relevant legal information you discover at

As a Church

Partner churches are local churches that encourage their members or attendees to participate in any (or all) of the four key ministry areas: sidewalk counseling, public engagement, political action, and prayer.

  1. For ministry leaders: begin with steps 1-4 as an Individual. See the column to the left. You are also free to engage in as many of the other steps as you want, before proceeding with your church's involvement.

  2. Affirm alignment with the alliance. Have an appropriate pastor or church leader submit the Become a Church Partner form. On behalf of the church, the leader must read and affirm Rescue the Innocent's Vision, Mission, & Value, Core Distinctives, and the Confessional Statement of The Gospel Coalition, as well as affirm their intention to encourage the congregation to participate. Upon acceptance, the church's information will be added to the Church Partners page.

  3. Designate a Promoter. Pick a person in your church to become an individual partner and to drive church-wide engagement in abortion outreach. The Promoter should be someone who is passionate about the pre-born. Their role is simple and consists of two tasks, depending on how many ministry areas the church desires to engage in: (1) notifying the church when fellow church members are planning to do sidewalk ministry, and (2) encouraging the church to participate in upcoming prayer meetings, political action, or public engagement opportunities. The monthly newsletter and the alliance Calendar provide all the necessary information to promote these activities. 

  4. Encourage members to become partners. The Promoter and church leaders should encourage as many church members to join individually as possible (see the column to the left). Share the website with them and encourage them to follow Rescue the Innocent on social media. 

  5. Request training. If your church would like to receive an in-person training session for sidewalk ministry, please reach out to us at to schedule a time. We can also arrange opportunities for your church members to join experienced groups on the sidewalk.

  6. Invite other churches to join. We believe in the power of Christians working together. Pray for God to raise up more Christians here to fight for the lives of our littlest neighbors. Share Rescue the Innocent with other like-minded, gospel-centered churches in Silicon Valley. If they have questions, would like to receive more information, or are interested in an in-person meeting, contact us at


"Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter." - Proverbs 24:11